Retained Primitive Reflexes

Course Objectives

  • Discover what primitive reflexes are and why we have them
  • Understand the various possible causes of retained primitive reflexes in a child
  • Outline common questions that would suggest retention of primitive reflexes
  • Identify and assess eight primitive reflexes that can be easily evaluated by a doctor of chiropractic, specifically the Moro, Grasp, Spinal Galant, Rooting, Asymmetrical Tonic Neck, Symmetrical Tonic Neck, Tonic Labyrinthine, and the Landau reflexes.
  • Detect the presence or absence of specific primitive reflexes 
  • Recognize the need for intervention when a retained primitive reflex is demonstrated by a patient 
  • Prescribe a specific course of treatment for each of the eight primitive reflexes if they are determined to be retained 

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